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Tours in Huatulco, the best beaches, in Oaxaca, Mexico, the best experiences
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Tour to the Bays First class

A tour of the fascinating beaches of Huatulco, where the best waves are found.
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Eco Tour

Tour the coast of Oaxaca and see the crocodile sanctuary and the Turtle Museum.
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Bioluminescence and Turtle Release

Experience the magic of nature and let yourself be captivated by its beauty.
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Tour to the Bays

Full day tour, enjoy the natural landscapes of the main bays of Huatulco on a sea trip.
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Tour to the waterfalls + tortilla workshop

From the mountains of the Sierra Madre emerge amazing waterfalls of crystalline water.
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City Tour

Discover a place where the flavor of quesillo, chapulines and chocolate is perceived everywhere.
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Huatulco things to do

In any of our services transportation is included, any hotel and Airbnb in the area; don’t worry live the best adventures in Huatulco.

This amazing place stands out among the origins and preservation, it is a comprehensively planned center, get to know it through the CITY TOUR; Huatulco is part of the Sierra Madre del Sur, a mountainous region that extends to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. To learn about these characteristics, we recommend the Tour LlANO GRANDE WATERFALLS It will allow you to live and experience adventure tourism, hiking, appreciation of biological and cultural richness

Our tourist destination is a natural complex of biodiversity made up of 9 bays and 36 beaches, get to know the most representative attractions through the TOUR TO THE BAYS. We have a perfect tropical climate: sunny days, an average temperature of 28°C, warm deep blue waters. Moreover, we are fortunate to be the destination that is most frequently chosen by whales, dolphins, and turtles. With a lot of luck, you will get to know these incredible marine species in their natural environment. All of these features are noticeable in the. Sunrise with Dolphin Watching, Bay Tours, First-Class Bay Tours, or Snorkel Express. If what you want is a more private service take advantage of the PRIVATE PANGA BAY TOUR, or even better a PRIVATE YACHT RIDE, watch the incredible sunsets on a panga ride at PUESTA DE SOL.

Do you want to recharge with energy and spirituality in a mystical place? At 1 hour and 30 minutes from Huatulco, you’ll find the magical town of Mazunte, known for its hospitality, and ranked as one of the top 10 most hospitable destinations in Mexico. Dare to visit it on the SUNSET TOUR IN PUNTA COMETA. Very close to this place discover the ecological reserve of Ventanilla, where a wetland area of the region is protected, iguanas and crocodiles birds in total freedom reserve this activity called ECO TOUR.

You must absolutely visit the BIOLUMINESCENCE AND TURTLE RELEASE tour, which is 2 hours and 30 minutes away from Huatulco. This activity, visible without moonlight, will allow you to witness an incredible phenomenon in the Manialtepec lagoon near Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca.

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Tripadvisor reviews

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Madison L
Madison L
Amazing Experience!!! this is also another hidden gem in Mazunte. One of my favorite parts of my trip to Oaxaca. I got to learn so many things about the reptiles. The staff was so friendly and I got to enjoy a nice coconut at the end.
Claudia R
Claudia R
Excelente Excelente servicio, sin problema para encontrar a la persona y con clima el transporte. Si lo recomendaría sin problemas, es un transporte compartido
BOAT Tour was the BEST I had a great time!! I highly recommend doing the tour because you get to see so much of Huatulco. Everyone working in and off the boat was helpful and friendly. Decided to do the snorkeling (extra cost), and it was worth it. As a non swimmer, my guide made me feel safe and was patient with me.
Opinión personal Super amables puntialidad muy buena, deberían alejar las embarcaciones de la zona de snorkel, se van los peces. Mejorar la calidad de audio de micrófono
Juana María R
Juana María R
Excelente servicio la transportación aeropuerto hotel . Excelente servicio la transportación aeropuerto hotel . Esperemos la misma atención el sábado en el regreso 🙏🏼 Cuando llegamos al aeropuerto ya estaban esperándonos, fueron muy amables, subieron nuestro equipaje con muy buena actitud . La van en excelentes condiciones, muy muy limpia . De regreso de la misma manera, llegaron antes de la hora mencionada y muy amables . Los recomendáremos ampliamente . 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
Jamie H
Jamie H
Experiencia divertida Fue una experiencia increíble realizada al atardecer. Todas las personas involucradas, desde el conductor y el personal en el lanzamiento, fueron increíbles y profesionales.


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  • Continuamos en nuestro segundo día de actividades en la edición 43 de ANATO (Asociación Colombiana de Agencias de Viajes y Turismo) desde Bogotá. 

Compartimos con los colombianos la oportunidad de conocer un destino de playa como lo es Huatulco con sus 9 bahías y 36 playas, la amplia oferta hotelera y todo lo que el destino ofrece, destacando nuestros tours y actividades.

Agradecemos a nuestro socio comercial Ruta Maya Travel por la invitación y gran gestión que ha realizado. Bienvenidos a Huatulco. 

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  • Huatulco presente en @anato_nacional 
Y en Paraiso Huatulco nos encontramos muy felices de poder compartir las maravillas que Huatulco y Oaxaca le ofrece a los Colombianos.

Los esperamos pronto para disfrutar de este paraíso mexicano.
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  • Feliz día Internacional del Guía de Turista. Nuestro reconocimiento a todos los guías de Huatulco y gracias por brindarnos las mejores experiencias.

Enviamos una felicitación especial para los guías de Paraiso Huatulco. ✨🙏🏝️




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